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Tear Down and Rebuilds

Prairie Village has entered a time of transition.  Meadowbrook and Mission Chateau will bring in additional residents to our city.  Property Values are high and some neighborhoods are seeing multiple tear downs and rebuilds on a single street.  As a Council, we have made changes to our building codes and permit process to limit the size of new homes as a percentage of the lot size.  This is a polarizing issue to our community and the recent survey shows an almost 50/50 split for and against. 

We need to clarify our codes and look at the process we use going forward, to balance growth and being a community that attracts new residents while maintaining what makes our City charming in the first place.

2018 Citizen Survey Results - Click Here


Resident engagement/participation Communication is Key

Our city has been built by our Volunteers. This would include the numerous volunteer committees we currently have, council and mayor positions.   I want to maintain the volunteers we have and add a Volunteer Corp that would allow anyone to participate on a more as needed basis.  We have very talented individuals in our community who are willing to dedicate their expertise, if we can find a way to use it effectively.

  • Deliberative forums- to develop consensus around difficult issues and effective solutions
  • Yearly Ward meetings- Support more frequent opportunities to engage your Council Members
  • City picnic- Encourage a community gathering with limited expense, and family fun
  • Encourage Residents involvement- Explore greater opportunities for volunteers
  • Volunteer service Award- Recognize volunteer years of service and Outstanding Work 


Age in Place

“Aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age. This includes being able to have any services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change.”

This is dear to my heart.  I support Aging in Place, and that place is Prairie Village.

The true foundation of our city is the residents who built, maintained and supported our Village for all these years.  Aging residents should have the opportunity to Age in Place, to have affordable housing, the necessary services available, including transportation, and to gather as a community.  As your Mayor, I will appoint a committee to work together within our city and with the county to insure that we are doing all we can to offer and build a city that allows our residents the ability to age in place. 


Citywide Bike/Pedestrian Paths

I am very supportive of connecting our city with walkability and bike-abilty available to all residents.  I am not supportive of removing our old-growth trees or changing the size of sidewalks, without the residents on each street having the ability to voice their opinions on how this would affect their street and neighborhood.  The current plan is frequently short on specifics and as these decisions are made, I expect them to be made with the residents involved.   I support bike paths, but my loyalty is to the residents who will be effected most by these developments.


Finding and Applying for Grants

We have many items in our budget, some include long-term plans that we should be looking and applying for grants. If you have followed my voting history or have heard me speak on this issue, I am very passionate about this. 

February 6, 2017 it came before council to approve $76,032.50 for replacing McCrum Park Tennis Courts.  After doing research and meeting with tennis professionals, I was told the court didn’t need to be completely replaced, it only needed to be resurfaced and the cost for that would be around $30,000.   While researching the cost of resurfacing, I found out that grants were available for the repairs up to $25,000- if we had applied before we had gone out to bid on this project. 

I am supportive of maintaining our public spaces, but it only makes sense to be proactive and search for additional funds that are available to our city.   As your mayor I will! 


Exterior Grant Program

I am committed to funding and continuing this program.  It assists residents making needed repairs and improvements to their homes.  As more residents are Aging in Place these grants become more important to allow them to maintain their residence. 


Commitment to our Parks

I am proud of our Parks.  Our City Staff, Council, the Park and Recreation Board, and volunteers of several committees, have done an amazing job.  I recognize the importance of parks to our city.  Parks are great places to build a community, offer green space, enhance beautification, offer a gathering place, provide relaxation, and preserve our planted environment.  In the past several years, Prairie Village has made great strides in adding more parkland, a variety of playground equipment, and maintaining shelters and playing fields.  We have more work to do.  We have the opportunity to offer more accessibility options, to create tennis programming and park programming for all ages. In the recent citizen survey, it is important to the residents to offer more in our parks.  As mayor, I will work hard to continue to improve our parks and programming.


Maintaining and Improve Streets and Infrastructure

Prairie Village is a great city, but we can do even better.  I am committed to working with Public Works, City Administrator and City council to evaluate the conditions of each street in our city.   I would encourage the City to explore an online interactive system for reporting problems.  This would enhance response time and keep the residents informed of expected outcomes when communicating with City Services.   Public Works does a great job keeping our city looking great.  I believe communication is the key to demonstrating our commitment to the residents.


Arts in Prairie Village

I started my volunteer service with Prairie Village on the Arts Council.  I am currently the Chair of the Arts Council.

I am supportive of enhancing and developing the Arts in Prairie Village.  I believe that art has the power to drive economic growth.  Arts programming drives Economic Development. There is an opportunity to expand our artistic offerings to include something for everyone. There is room for collaboration with as many types of arts, including poetry, prose and drama, preforming arts, music, dance, theatre; visual arts – including drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpting and architecture.  The Arts Council has done an outstanding job with the RG Endres Gallery and their monthly exhibitions, and Juried Competitions, but they would agree that there is more they could do.  As your mayor I support enhancing our Arts Community with better coordination of Public Art projects.  I strongly support the preservation of our JC Nichols Statuary, and looking for new opportunities such as grant funding, to support more art in public spaces.


Donation Process for Public Art

We need a process in place to allow donations of art to be given to the City.  Currently we do not have a policy or procedure in place for this process.  We need to consider decisions on its placement, maintenance, and ancillary costs.  I support the implementation of a process to allow works to be donated.

The resent results of citizen survey overwhelmingly supports adding additional funding and enhancing the Arts in our Village. See results


Statuary, JC Nichols and others

One of the most charming aspects to Prairie Village is that we have beautiful statuary in our neighborhoods.  I support the plan to preserve, restore, and replace as needed, these historic pieces.  As mayor I would recommend the Statuary and the Arts Council work together to create a long-term plan to protect, maintain and expand our public art work.


Supporting our Business

We have had a lot of changes in the last few years in our longtime business community.  I am a graduate (2017) of the Northeast Johnson County Chamber leadership program and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. I would work hard to continue that relationship and foster new relationships with our business owners and members of our community, to build strong, profitable business that remain in Prairie Village.


Live Streaming Council and Planning Commission Meetings

After being elected, I felt strongly that every resident should be able to view what the governing body is doing on your behalf. I began live-streaming the Council Meetings and Planning Commission soon after being elected. I gave my word to the residents that I would continue to live-stream from my personal sites, until the service was provided by the city.  It took over a year to accomplish this with the help of friends, family, volunteers, council and staff.  It is now available to all residents from the city’s website. 

As your Mayor I would continue to support more public meetings being live-streamed.  This allows more engaging communication with each resident, as well as allowing access to anyone who wants to listen and view what happens in our city from their computer or mobile device, live or whenever a resident has the time to watch.


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